We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with We4all, a Greek environmental NGO, in order to help with the reforestation effort around Athens!

Through our donation of 200 trees, we offset 4,400 kg of CO2 and achieved an Ally status with We4all. Our trees will be planted as part of Operation Green Attica which kicked off in January 2021. This is an ongoing project that’s being organized by We4all in collaboration with 22 municipalities of Athens that are in need of protecting their local environment. We’ll be planting our trees in the municipalities of Acharnes, Fylis and Anavyssos.

Athens faces several urban challenges – one of them being the lack of public green space for its citizens. That’s why Operation Green Attica aims at planting 1 million trees in local parks, residential neighborhoods and mountains that surround Athens – as well as areas that have been damaged by forest fires. The project also aims at encouraging young adults and children to take part and learn about the importance of planting trees.

Volunteers planting trees
© We4all, 2021

We decided to focus on local carbon offsetting as a way of taking responsibility for Astydama’s carbon footprint and playing our part in moving forwards towards a carbon neutral future. Reforestation benefits for local communities include clean air, restoration of the local habitat, prevention of soil erosion and improved physical and mental well-being.

We4all stood out to us because we wanted to support a Greek organization whose values of engaging the local community to protect the ecosystem coincided with our belief that it’s our duty to take care of our natural local environment.

Reach out to us here if you’d like to learn more about our involvement in Operation Green Attica.

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