Sustainable living is our way forward

Developing eco-friendly properties, investing in agricultural ventures and committing to renewable energy projects is what drives us.

We focus on urban and rural landscapes, and combine strategic investing, project management, spatial planning and sustainable design to unlock full project potential and secure positive returns.

Explore our work

Project management

We take care of project concept development, feasibility studies and the project and construction management from inception to delivery.

Urban planning
and architectural design

We undertake the project planning, urban and landscape planning, as well as architectural design of our projects.

Green property investment

We invest in and build new energy efficient properties in urban areas. We also take on renovations of old properties and ensure that they’re retrofitted with eco-friendly systems.

Agro-industrial development

We invest in agriculture projects in
sub-sectors with comparative advantage and actively participate in the development of organic agriculture initiatives.

Renewable energy

We develop solar farms through joint ventures with our investment partners and take part in community energy projects.

Looking ahead at a green future

We’re committed to sustainable development and make
sure that we hold true to that in each of our projects.

Our projects

Kadmus Olive Mill
development project

The reinvigoration of the local olive oil industry via the development of a high performance olive mill in Xironomi, Thiva region.


Plateon 49
parkside residences

Alongside our partner contractor, we handled the architectural and interior design of our energy-efficient properties and supervised construction.


Hyperion Energy

As shareholders and board members of the community, we have invested in the construction of a 60kW solar farm in Thiva, Greece.


Boeotia 0.5MW
solar farm project

True to our belief that sustainable energy is the future, we have invested in the development of a 0.5MW photovoltaic solar farm in the Boeotia region of Greece.