Eco-friendly tourism in Greece is gaining momentum as the need for preserving the environment we live in grows stronger. Whether it’s glamping in the rugged mainland or by the sea, taking part in agricultural activities while staying in a local home, or interacting with the flora and fauna in the area, Greece has a ton of possibilities for the eco-conscious traveller.

We recognise the importance of providing meaningful experiences that connect travellers to nature, which is a key reason why we’re developing the Anavyssos eco-retreat. A multi-purpose holiday retreat that combines seaside proximity and rural stillness, it places organic farming and the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle at the core of its philosophy. Set over an 8500m² estate in Anavyssos just south of Athens, the eco-retreat, which can sleep up to 16 people, is complete with an organic farm, herb garden, vineyard, and olive grove. Besides that, the estate includes an outdoor bar and kitchen, pool, and fire-pit, in order to strengthen the connection between guests and their natural surroundings, and boost slow outdoor living.

Outdoor seating surrounded by outdoor plants against the wall of a stone villa

We’ve chosen to raise local environmental awareness (a key element of eco-tourism) at the Anavyssos eco-retreat by focusing on organic farming and agroecology. Organic farming is a way to boost sustainable food production through the respect it pays to the environment, resulting in healthier and tastier produce. Agroecology champions smallholders and family farms, while promoting food sovereignty and the use of native seeds. The eco-retreat’s organic farm will contain vegetables and fruits native to Greece, as will the herb garden which will consist of native plants and herbs too, such as thyme, rosemary, basil, and oregano.

Together, the organic farm and herb garden are a way to conserve the local natural heritage and biodiversity. And by combining organic farming and agroecology, we’ll provide guests with farm-to-table gastronomic experiences showcasing quality Greek cuisine.

Vineyards surrounded by hills during sunset

Another major aspect of eco-tourism is the meaningful interaction between a traveller and their surroundings. We’ve approached this by choosing to develop the Anavyssos eco-retreat in rural surroundings. The seaside is only a 3-minute drive away, presenting guests with the opportunity to participate in beach cleanups as a way of preserving the coastal environment. To top that off, the local horse-riding school is a 5-minute walk from the eco-retreat, providing visitors with the chance to go horse-riding. The olive grove situated within the Anavyssos eco-retreat is also an opportunity for guests to contribute to the yearly olive harvest, which usually takes place towards the end of October. Plus, it’s a fun and fulfilling way to learn about the ancient process of olive harvesting and immerse themselves in local natural surroundings.

Ultimately, we want to see change in how the tourism industry currently impacts the environment, which is why we believe that bringing sustainability practices into the sector can have a positive impact on both traveller and the environment. 

Reach out to hear more about how we’re developing the Anavyssos eco-retreat.