One of the most exciting changes we’re seeing in Athens is the revitalization of its architectural heritage in the city centre. These are buildings displaying a broad range of architectural styles such as Neoclassical, Art Deco and Bauhaus, that for various reasons, have been left in states of disrepair over the years. What’s exciting is that the regeneration of heritage buildings is running in parallel with investment in the city’s core urban fabric, indicating a re-thinking of the overall built environment on a city-wide scale.

Such old and dilapidated buildings are being given new life as designer and boutique hotels, as well as mixed-use retail and food and beverage hotspots. Moreover, these heritage buildings form part of a wider vision where Athens is being positioned as a unique destination catering to locals and tourists alike.

Various municipal public efforts, such as the pedestrianization of the so-called ‘commercial triangle’ that lies between three areas, Monastiraki, Syntagma and Omonia, and the transformation of Panepistimiou Avenue into the great walk of Athens demonstrate how the city is re-shaping itself.

Evripidou 53 heritage suites in the daytime

That’s where our latest project comes in. We scoped out and invested in a dilapidated listed building on Evripidou 53 in central Athens that has maintained its strong Neoclassical architectural identity since it was first built in the 1930s. Going back a couple of centuries, Evripidou street has been synonymous with food and commerce since 1886. At present, it’s known as the centre for Athens’ herbs and spice market, as well as acclaimed delicatessens.

Together with a talented team at Lowfat Architecture + Interiors, we’re in the process of renovating this 260m² property with the aim of contributing to the sustainable urban heritage regeneration sweeping Athens. We’re re-envisioning this building as a collection of four boutique suites which will be complete with its original wooden stairwell, floor mosaics and unique decorative elements. These suites will be available to rent in 2024.

Evripidou 53 heritage suites rooftop garden pictured at night

We’re going about retrofitting the building with a new thermal façade, a green roof, LED lighting and ensuring that its utility systems are 100% solar powered via net metering. We’re also introducing internal gardens in the common areas and ground floor suite to improve occupant wellbeing and create a connection to the environment.

The area surrounding Evripidou 53 has been earmarked for regeneration by the municipality of Athens. Semi-pedestrianised streets, hotels, local shops, and restaurants are being planned for the coming years. This is why, when the street regains its historical splendour, our heritage suites will stand as a symbol of having played a role in the area’s regeneration.

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