The doors of the Kadmus olive mill swung open to the public on Sunday 15 October, in time for this year’s olive harvest season. Local officials, including the president of the regional chamber of commerce and the president of Xironomi, the village in which the mill is located, attended, and spoke about how the mill will boost the region’s olive oil production, while maintaining fair prices for farmers. Regional olive oil producers and distributors were also present, along with local community members who came to celebrate the new facility.

What started out as a vision shared between three friends has developed into a modern zero-waste facility that aims at reinvigorating the local olive oil industry in the Boeotia region. Equipped with a state-of-the-art olive pressing line, the Kadmus olive mill is geared towards exporting Greek extra virgin olive oil abroad. The waste produced by the olive oil making process will be stored on-site, upcycled, and reused to heat the water needed for the machinery to run. This means that our zero-waste facility respects the environment in which it operates. We also believe that providing local farmers with jobs and a fair price for their produce has a positive impact on their lives, which is why we’ve hired and trained personnel from Xironomi, and are in the process of building a community of regional olive producers looking to press their olives at our mill.

The Kadmus olive mill exterior featuring the brand logo and sign with a sunny background

We’ve also chosen to provide a holistic olive oil production experience that stays true to our belief in sustainability. This includes:

  • Harvesting, transporting and milling olives
  • Olive oil storage
  • Wholesale trading
  • Distribution and export
  • Olive grove management
  • Advisory and support to producers.
The landscape behind Kadmus olive mill featuring rolling hills and olive groves

We’re excited about the upcoming olive harvest season which kicks off in mid-October, and is due to last until early December! So, keep an eye out on our social channels, you’ll spot us collecting olives and overseeing olive oil production at the Kadmus olive mill all season.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about the Kadmus olive mill.