Every year-end leads us in contemplation and the setting of new objectives and resolutions. If anything, 2022 taught us that there’s an urgent need to transition to clean, or green energy. And this resolution comes without saying when considering the positive and negative milestone events we saw this last year. In fact, Greece ran on 100% renewable energy for five hours in October 2022 – a true ray of hope amidst the ongoing energy crisis we are experiencing.

Such developments led the Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to state his intention of making the country a prime renewable energy exporter for the EU during the COP27 in Egypt this year. Soon after, the Greek government announced the subsidization program for residential photovoltaics, further facilitating the widespread of energy-efficient solutions. In fact, the Minister of Energy and Environment, Kostas Skrekas, recently announced the findings of a study conducted by EY, stating that Greece is the second most attractive country for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects. When considering Greece’s abundance in solar energy with sunshine exceeding 250 days annually, strong winds, ample water reserves in rivers and streams, and strong geothermal resources, the potential is massive. The European Commission has also set a bold goal of a new binding renewable energy target for 2030 of at least 32%, making this transition a priority for Greece.

Wind turbine standing above solar panels

We know that fossil fuel dependence hides several problems, leading to a chain reaction of issues that negatively affect our environment. In fact, in our hometown Athens, we’ve witnessed heavy snowfall for the past three winters, creating blackouts and overall chaos. While in the summer, wildfires scorch forests all over the world, including Greece. Climate change isn’t coming. It’s already here. In fact, we’d go as far as calling it a climate crisis.

Both the dynamic of RES, as well as the ongoing climate crisis, have deeply inspired our strategy at Astydama. It’s now a top priority for us to discover and integrate new innovative renewables solutions, boosting energy efficiency in all our projects: residential, corporate, as well as industrial. So, it’s not a question of whether we should integrate RES in our strategy; it’s how. We see this transition to RES as a one-way road to the future.

It goes beyond conserving energy and a reduced environmental footprint. Core to our vision is giving back to local communities through our sustainable investments and by developing environmentally friendly projects that can have a positive impact.

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